Melissa's Memos

"I am so excited to have this
opportunity to share my
wisdom with practitioners
who are interested in
growing their business
and creating a lifestyle
they desire."





Melissa's Memos are published 50 times a year. These Memos are designed to keep therapist, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists well-informed on current research and best practices. Melissa DaSilva, LICSW searches through 100's of academic journals and research articles each week to identify 2-3 that would be of interest for subscribers (citations included)   We all know that as professionals, we are supposed to stay up to date on all the new findings in the field, but who has all that time or the money to spend on journals? Melissa's Memos takes approximately 20 hours to create each week so that subscribers can read all the critical information in less than 20 minutes.



What do subscribers gain from the 20 minutes it takes to read the Memo? For one thing, they feel less guilty about not getting to all the accumulated journals and blogs. More importantly, they tap into a rich vein of ideas and resources that can help them be more productive. Some Memo summaries reaffirm what practitioners are already doing well; some boost an idea higher up the "to-do" list, and some are genuinely new and take readers in a different direction. Reading the Memo provides top-notch professional development and keeps the therapist on the cutting edge.

Who doesn't love bonuses?


In addition to the 3-6 weekly summarized articles, Melissa's memos include a weekly bonus.  These bonuses are included to help subscribers with some aspect of their practice.

Some bonuses may include:


Inspirational quotes that can be used on social media posts

Photos that can be used to create engaging social media posts

Book reviews



Tips and tricks

Discounts to classes

and more

While the Memos are copyrighted material, subscribers are encouraged to clip and share selected articles with colleagues or on social media as a way to spark discussions. 



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